I’m Just Sayin…It Could Work. Think About It.


My kind of exercising.

   So I’ve been thinking, that I’m not an exercise type of woman, nor am I ‘manual labor’ either. I do so many ‘activities’ that have absolutely no calorie eliminating elements at all. In a perfect world, sure I could wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to exercise, make quick healthy dinners and be in bed by 9 P.M. Who are we kidding, have you seen the size of breast that God thought would look good on me? Try jogging while having double G’s stuff to your chest, heck, try doing any kind of exercise with those; good luck!

 I thought I’d ask you, my blog readers, what non-exercise activities do you wish would keep you fit? I’ve asked people who I work with, my kids and plenty of my friends and family so I’ve compiled a list I’d like to share.

Mom, son and even the cat

     #1. Sleeping. Can you imagine how much more beneficial sleeping would be if you could sleep off the dimples and jigglies? After my brain shuts off and my bladder finally falls asleep, it would be awesome if then my metabolism jumped into gear and started burning away the tall carmel mocha I had for breakfast, the chicken nuggets I ate at lunch and the second helping of lasagna I plowed through at dinner; life would be grand.

I swear I'm not a rep for the Kindle.

     #2. Reading. In the last 3 years I’ve read an entire book shelf of books, filled my Kindle with at least 47 books that I’ve read. I’d love it with every page I lost some kind of weight from some portion of my frame. I’d have an excuse to stay up until the wee hours finishing the last chapter and I’d be super smarter too. I see it as a win-win situation.

I don't think I'd be upset standing in line considering the benefits.

     #3. Waiting in line. What about every time you had to wait in line the benefit would be another pound effortlessly removed, a dress size lower. Think about all the lines we stand in, wait in, and have to deal with. “Your que in line is #4” or “your estimated hold time will be less than 5 minutes.” How about standing in line at Wal-mart, poof goes away that cupcake you had at lunch. The dreaded doctors office. Sure you made an appointment but who ever gets called in and seen in less than 45 minutes. But what if your patience was rewarded by the scale dropping in numbers.

   I’m just saying, I could seriously be on to something if we could collectively put our heads together and make this happen. Wow! think about this, what if you were standing in line reading a book, dude that’s like double points. Falling asleep standing in line, even better.

   I want to know what activities you’d come up with. It was a pleasure compiling my list. Most men were predictable but as you may know, (and if you don’t you can google it), sex is an exercise.

      Here are a few that did make my list but didn’t make my blog explanation. Gaming, Driving, Cooking, Watching TV, and house cleaning, (though I’m sure the last one burns calories too).


5 thoughts on “I’m Just Sayin…It Could Work. Think About It.

  1. Just walking , and eatting something little every 2 hr, will give you a big start baby, Dont think about it so much. It will make you crazyits really hard. I love you very much even if you are fluffy.

  2. How about losing weight every time you had to fuss at your kids about something.
    Pick up your toys, clean up your room, put your books where they belong and bam you lost a pound.
    As many times as we say these things in a day, we’d burn a lot of weight off! UGH go do your homework, that alone would burn 5-10 pounds a day…LOL
    And you know I agree with the person on the evil grains thing. My stomach is aching right now thinking about it…LOL

  3. Hey! #2 is possible. I read my kindle while walking/running on the treadmill or the elliptical machines at the gym. 🙂

  4. Wow! I never thought about barbecueing a dinosaur before but I’m sure it would taste good, anything barbecued taste good. I agree though, I tested a theory myself, eating off smaller plates and drinking out of smaller cups. I lost 15 pounds in a month. But damn those cursed stabucks coffee’s and huge slices of chocolate cake.

    I just wish I could be more fruitful with weight loss if I could get credit by calories falling off while doing the many task’s of the day that I do, like blogging. My brain is workin out but my belly still jiggles when I laugh.

    None the less, thanks for you commenting and your input is well noted. Thanks for the link too. That was interesting.

  5. I read many weight loss books, studied human biology and lost and regained wt many times. Once lost 65 lbs in 6 months (low carb-high fat), my brother is a doc, s more than 40 yrs of study and effort.

    here ‘s the bottom line: calories per day
    The twinky diet proved it. How much you eat controls wt loss. It turns out that it is simple to understand but hard to do. On average eat less than your daily requirement you lose eat more you gain. (Of course this an unhealthy thing to do, he wanted to prove it is true)


    Good news the brain burns many calories a day, thinking burns a lot. Sure exercise burns more, more muscle the your higher daily calorie need, problem is 15 minutes of using your mouth, can lead to 2 12 hour days of exercising, and still maybe not equal your 15 minutes of eating. How many hrs does 6000 calories equal in exercise time.
    My 2 cents= try to eat a hunter/gather diet. Fruits, vegs and meats. It’s those evil grains and sugars that put wt on us. I know, I love chips, beer, fries etc. Cavemen couldn’t get a hamburger, fries and a shake, or an awesome Mexican dinner, following up with any kind of cheesecake.
    The Egyptians one of the first civilizations to rely on(90%) grain (not the wealthy ones) were found to die in their 40’s due to obesity and diabetes.
    We evolved eating as hunter gather’s for 100,000’s of yrs (maybe even a few million), man started eating grains less than 30,000 yrs ago.
    I don’t feel like it is dieting when I can eat as much veg, fruits and meats as I want. You don’t have to be hungry to lose wt.
    So barbecue some dinosaur served with berries and roots, and eat all you want.

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