Is It Worth It?

These are the faces of back stabbers…get a good look at them

    I know you’ve seen these two before and I know you know where they live, in the event you might not recognize these two familiar faces, just ask your children. They will tell you that they hold the keys to most “magical place on earth”…blah blah blah.

   We have been wanting to take my children to Disneyland since my son was born and he’s now 11. We have bought every Disney Princess toy/movie/hairbrush/dress/themed birthday party/clothes/soap/etc…you get the point. Disney has been selling their products for a gazillion years and they do it well. They market everything, they purchase the best commercial ads and spots. But that’s just it, they are selling something that we can only hope to provide our children on our own. Memories. Memories of adventure, amazement, wonder, and even culture.
   We have used their products to teach our children how to never lie, to always trust your heart, beauty is only skin deep, and every girl is a princess. They heard us loud and clear.
   I know I’m jumping around here but just keep following I have a point I promise.
   We decided last year that we would use all of our tax return to take the kids on a three-day Disneyland/California Adventure Park Vacation. Our first mistake, telling the kids, though we didn’t know it was a mistake until a year later. We always do what we say we are going to do when it comes to the children. However, LIFE had a different plan for us and that didn’t include a vacation to Disneyland. So we had to break the news to the kids that we won’t be going this year but promised to make it up to them; our second mistake.
   No matter how hard you try you can’t compete with Disneyland. There is nothing on God’s green earth that could ever duplicate Disneyland without actually going to Disneyland. Sure you could fly around the world, see Paris, experience the ocean by snorkeling, and so on, but for the price you’d pay, you might as well save a buck and just go to Disneyland.
   We went to the Zoo, fun for a couple of hours, but they aren’t really trying to bring in the tourist so it was sorta boring to the kids; with the exception to the giraffe. We took the kids to the movies, camping, boating, but it doesn’t compare to Disneyland. Then the commercials started. You know the one’s, the parent’s surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyland and the kids freak out. Ya, FUCK DISNEYLAND! Those commercials piss me right off.  
   Disneyland tickets at the gate are $72 for an adult and $62 for a child. They are the same price at the gate as they are online. It will cost us close to $5,000 for a three-day two night stay in L.A. to experience the whole entire park. To give our children the memories of going to Disneyland while they still believe. Aubry just barely realized she can’t fly and Madison is questioning everything in life and Kenny has Disneyland on his Bucket List; did I mention he’s 11…just checking.
   $5,000 to experience Halloween costumes in action, some rolley coasters and some fancy landscaping. $5,000 doesn’t cover parking, the gas to drive down there, the food we eat while we’re there, or the souvenirs the kids can’t live without or the anti-psychotics we’ll need for after our vacation.
   College tuition, a car, health insurance for two years, a brand new landscaped front lawn, re-doing our bathroom, new cabinets in the kitchen, a new living room set, I could go on, but you see my point right? There are so many other thing’s $5,000 can be spent on other than buying into the schmucks running the fantasy land that’s marketed to our children.
   They look so inviting, our children had no chance against them; especially when their parents supported the institution of it all. We want to be great parents and give the children everything before we send them out into the great big ugly world and we want a Disneyland vacation to be apart of that but their cost just doesn’t seem worth it. For $5,000 we should get up front parking, a chauffeur to carry the children’s jackets when they get too hot and their drinks they can’t part with. We should get free souvenirs and both theme parks should be included in the price. We should be able to ride all the rides while we are there and Mickey and Minnie should be seen by us every day. When we have our three meals it should be spent with at least one Disney character and not for an extra cost.
   In the end, we will probably end up paying the price and take our children to Disneyland to experience an unforgettable memory but while we are walking the park and wiping out of debit card to purchase our stuff, we will know that behind those goofy faces and make-up, lie the true villians of a Disney movie.
P.S. Helllllloooo Do they not realize we are in a recession? I don’t see any Disney Castles foreclosing. Hey Disneyland why don’t you start giving back to the people who put you on the map? I don’t know, just an idea. It just sucks because its seems only rich people or terminally ill kids are getting to go to Disneyland. Hey Disneyland there’s radiation in California can I get a ticket now?
P.S. From Rafe: Shit for $5,000 Sleepy Beauty better give me a happy ending.
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4 thoughts on “Is It Worth It?

  1. My sister and her husband took their kids to Disneyland last October, which was a dream come true for them in a lot of ways. They decided to just do it, using some money they’d gotten from their first-time home buyer’s incentive to go. In the end, it ended up taking just about all of their $8,000 incentive.
    They had an unforgettable time, but seriously, what regular family can just afford to pick up and do that? If you don’t have the money to “do it right” even the Magic Kingdom will seem like a let-down to the kids you so want to impress.
    The kids watch the vacation package DVD that Disney sent them when they ordered their trip all the time. They want to go back again because they loved it so much. It’s such a different story from when I was a kid and we actually lived in Southern California. (Back then, if you were a S. Cal resident, all you had to do was bring proof, like a utility bill, and everyone got in for $20 a person, and you could get a voucher to come back a second day for free.) That’s some incredible inflation on the dreams of children.

  2. I was planning on doing exactly as you had, and now I am focusing on Mark Jr’s braces. I cannot believe that this company-who has progressed from a tiny mouse on paper has become this money diseased rodent that appears on so many t-shirts. I am literally standing here in AWE because of how much it would cost for a 3 day trip to this fantasy land. Hell, I would rather go to MJ’s House.

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