Shattered & Mended

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You found me in pieces and together, we mended. I had no idea you had a different plan than I. You tortured the pieces until there was nothing left but frayed ends.

We all most had it all, we could have been perfect. You could have had everything your world needed. My heart and soul could have made you content but your motives were set lower.

But that’s ok because the scars of your love have made me a sturdy woman. I know now what to look out for. I know even more what I want now and the best part of the whole equation is that you’re not in the picture and I get to have every thing my heart desires and all the things I never thought to ask for. I also get to watch you try to catch up to where I’m at; a place you’ll never reach.

I left with every good piece of you and they’re blooming into the most beautiful flowers in the garden. You lit a fire deep inside of me, pushing me forward for bigger and better. So, for that, I should thank you. I will never be your stepping stone, I’ll never be your excuse, I’ll always be your reminder. I see myself crystal clear now.

I get to move on and I have found just the spot in my life that I want to reside and the people surrounding my universe are here for the right reasons. I don’t have to watch my back or second guess the words they speak. I’m the reason for my sunshine, the flowers blooming in my heart and the love I share between my lover. I’m what makes me wonderful.

So you want to sell me out? The person reflecting in my mirror has nothing to hide and those nearest and dearest know everything you have to say. But don’t you worry, I have no problem now laying your shit bare. You get to reap what you sew and in your darkest hour, I hope I entertain your thoughts on what could have been and what will never be because I am free.

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