A writer’s mind…(enter at your own risk)


     I’ve been reading the latest release from Stephenie Meyer, “The Twilight Sage: Official Illustrated Guide” and I have to just say, my favorite part of the book is the interview that Shannon Hale (no relation to Jasper or Rosalie Hale…in case you were wondering). Shannon really picked Stephenie’s mind and asked all the right questions. It was almost as if I was sitting right there asking her all the questions I’ve always dreamed of asking her.

Bella as a vampire & her wedding dress

     There were parts in the interview that really made me understand the writer’s mind and allowed me to except my mind as just that. A lot of times when I write, it flows effortlessly. For me writing about characters is fun because they speak to me and I get to live in their world. I can feel their emotions as I write. I can smell the apples in the orchard, I can hear the music they’re listening too, I’m apart of their conversations. I’ve been creating stories my whole life and it’s awesome to finally put the stories down and share them with my friends and family.

     I love to people watch because a lot of people don’t realize they’re entertaining and their conversations could actually be in someone’s book. But the best part of people watching is your get to see a range of emotions and how people respond to them. So when your writing your scenes you can say, she batted her eyelashes as if to convince him of what she wanted, or you can say, she flicked her hair over her shoulder wafting her perfume his way…or whatever. You see what I’m saying?

Renesmee Cullen

     If a certain song comes on and it invokes a strong emotion or makes me think of a scene in my book, I add it to my books playlist, so when I go back to write that scene it puts me in that emotion.

     Bottom-line, I’m always trying to validate myself as a legit writer and reading that interview confirmed that I have a writer’s mind, we share similar thoughts and routines. The part that sealed the deal for me, was when Stephenie said, “If you start getting a little bit of dialogue in your head, you’re doomed–you’ll never get to sleep”  If been in the middle of a conversation with someone or driving or doing a hundred other random daily life activities when all of a sudden my characters start talking and I’m caught un-prepared.

     There was one more comment she said that I related too also, “And I cannot read a page of anything I’ve written without making five changes–that’s my average“. I’ve tried hiding my pens, I’ve tried freezing my text in my computer but if I don’t make the changes to my written words, it will nag me to death.

P.S. Just because I say the characters “speak to me” I’m not talking about the voices in my head because those just mostly yell at me.


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