They Don’t Make ’em Like That Nomore.

There is a man I know that I’m not related to that I see every day for 8 hours. He is 50 something years old and has done every thing you could do with a tree from building his family a home to selling its wood fibers encased in plastic as decking.

    Over the last 5 years I’ve gotten to enjoy his wife’s pastries, I’ve seen pictures of his grandson and we’ve literally discussed and debated every topic imaginable.

    I’ve watched him inter-act with all kinds of people and situations; coming out on top or plotting his victory further. His attitude never falters or weakens. He’s sturdy, respectful and courteous. His sense of humor touches every conversation whether you see it in the moment or realize it later; which usually happens to me.

    He’s an inventor without a Patten, he cook’s a mean pizza on the B-B-Qer and he enjoys sharing a bottle of wine with his equally polite and tender wife which he takes on many vacations under the ocean in far off islands only to share the amazing under water photos with every one.

    He’s a supportive father and a caring friend. His kindness is never mistaken for weakness. He is a man who I look up to and not just because he’s taller than me. It’s because he commands a room with just his presence and he never has to prove him self to any one because he’s a master with numbers, logic and Suduko; not to mention he know’s people very well.

   He’s not afraid of anything, not even driving a yellow motorcycle to work or on the winding roads through the mountains with his wife on the back. He’s a hard worker, he taught the best fork-lift driver at our company everything he know’s and he’s not ashamed to build a truck load instead of staring at a spread sheet.

    I’ve learned a lot just by watching and listening to him. I’d never bet against him because he’s always right (shhhh don’t tell him I said that) even when logically it looks wrong.

    If you haven’t guessed yet who I’m talking about well let me clue you in, he’s my boss Tony. He went on a hunch 5 years ago and hired me knowing I had absolutely zero experience with wood. I have a lot of respect for him because they don’t make manager’s like him anymore. It’s been a pleasure learning everything he’s taught me and not just pertaining to my job, the life lesson’s are priceless.

    He told me, “You may never see a raise but you’ll always have a job, even if it’s just for purely entertainment only”, as I am very prone to accidents that turn out to be death-defying and silly at the same time.

    Though I probably will never be a full-fledged republican I can now at least see across the party line due to is persistent and logical debates/discussions.

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart



4 thoughts on “They Don’t Make ’em Like That Nomore.

    1. You two compliment each other so well, it’s like Yin and Yang. You have an amazing husband and he’s got a stellar wife. Thanks for bopping over to my neck of the woods to read my blog. Much Appreciated.

  1. And those kind of people don’t come aross your life very often. Learn all you can from him. LOVE YA, MOM

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