Remember the time you played “pretend” with Madison under the make-shift fort made of blankets and the Sponge Bob table?

     That’s when I knew you were the best Daddy a girl could want and that you were able to put aside the stresses of adulthood enough to encourage your daughter’s imagination at her level.

     Remember when you made me cancel the downtown San Francisco hotel room reservation because you didn’t want to drive in downtown San Francisco?

     That’s when I realized you were a difficult and particular man, but I later learned that you were right all along when I ended up driving in downtown San Francisco. The whole time I was mentally congratulating you on making a wise choice that day.

     Remember when you took Aubry to the Father/Daughter dance and made her the belle of the ball in the overly crowded school cafeteria and danced along side of her the whole time until she had to sit this one out?

     That’s when I realized that you love Auby just as much as Madison and that Aubry has already accepted you enough to parade around the dance with you on her arm. That’s when I realized my daughter is lucky to have a man like you in her life to guide her and to know what to compare her future men too.


     Remember when you and Kenny toured with Rock Band in our living room with Kenny on the guitar and you on the drums for several hours straight?

     That’s when I came to terms that you were being the man Kenny needed in his life and that you are working that position from many different angles for him. He will be a better man because you took the time to figure it out and perform the tasks in a way that he will appreciate later in life if not already.


     Remember last year traveling all over Redding for the perfect last-minute prom dress for our adopted teenage-trial-period-daughter Angel? Do you remember paying for the shoe’s, dress, plastic bra, hair clips, matching bracelet and sitting in the salon with chatty women while she got her hair done and watching her leave with the brightest smile of her life beaming at you?

     That’s when I knew you could handle 2 teenage daughters with just enough finesse to not be over bearing or passive. You have orchestrated many threads being weaved in this young woman’s life and for that I knew you are here for the long haul.

     Remember all the years that I ruined every one of your surprises for me because I get neurotic when I suspect a surprise in my future but you kept trying and trying and you finally pulled it off when you gave me my Kindle for my birthday?

     That’s when I realized that you won’t forget me. That you now what my heart wants and you deliver it on a silver platter to me every time.

     Well I remember your face in all of my good memories. I remember your kind and reassuring words in my ears when I doubt myself. I remember my hands in yours when I’m scared, when I’m excited, when I’m sad and even when I’m just content. I remember your eyes looking at me with worry when we rescued those two men from drowning at Butte Lake, but your eyes gave me the confidence in continuing to help knowing you were right there if anything got worse.

     Please understand that, I have never depended this much on a person before. I have never felt this proud of a person. I have never gotten this angry at a person before. I have never wanted a person’s love more than I want yours. There is never a time in my life that I will ever want a person more in my life than I want you. I love your heart, your soul and the man you are.

3 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. Wow! I am at a loss for words to say. I love you too, and yes, I remember. In the words of a wise ass “Thanks for noticin’ me….”

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