The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part1

O-M-G! I just can’t wait for this movie to debut. I mean, yeah, I watched the MTV 2011 Movie Awards and got my first dose to my vein in the 5-second trailer they showed. I just couldn’t stop rewinding my DVR.

Ok I’m not shy about romance, strong and virile men in my romances, but that shot of the head board…hot damn!

So Breaking Dawn Part 1 will debut November 18th, 2011 and Part 2 following a year later on November 16th, 2012. Oh how will I past the time? Let me count the ways; Re-reading The Saga again for the 110th, True Blood episodes, Re-watching True Blood episodes, re-reading The Southern Vampire Series, Watching Dracula, Watching Interview with a vampire, talking about all the Twilight books and movies with other fellow Twi-hards, Re-watching my personal collection of Twilight movies, etc.

What is it about this collection of Vampires that has me capitvated? Well, to start the base foundation of these books are core values that I respect. Love yourself, believe in yourself, and everything else will work it’s self out. (Except for Jacob’s story line).

Now there is always the debate: Team Edward or Team Jacob (or Team Edward until Jacob takes off his shirt) and I have always been a Team Edward fan. Why? Uh because he’s like a 100 year old vampire, rich as hell, hot as hell, ferious as hell, charismatic as hell, need I continue?

Ok, well I better publish this blog so that you all can just go a head and agree with me.

Let me know whatcha think

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