America is giving me a headache….enough already!


   It is so frustrating to sit and watch America beg, borrow and steal their way to the middle. I mean it’s like they are preaching to its people with the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”. You can’t keep going to the ATM machine and withdraw money time after time after time, then get upset when there isn’t any more money. Eventually you have to deposit money back in. I’ve watched so many people stick their hands out, take the offering’s and then promise to repay, but then never do. I am a person of my word, if I say I’m going to borrow anything, I make it a personal goal to return it. How do you sleep at night, knowing that you actually never had any intentions of every paying it back? That you took their hard earned money, but you aren’t going to pay it back. I get up and go to work every morning, I come home and take care of my family, I file my taxes every year, I pay my health insurance, I pay the ridiculous gas prices and yet for some reason I can’t wrap my head around America’s spending. Spend, spend, spend, at some point Uncle Sam is going to cut you off and make your earn your spending money. We will be forced to use our resources within our own country powered by our own people, feeding and clothing our fellow American’s. We will have to defend our borders and employ our own people. Will I feel bad when Mary Sue can’t buy her annual 13 pair of multi-colored flip flops for the summer…NOPE! Will I feel sorry for Mr. Johnny because he bought a boat and can’t afford to reattach his fingers ‘cause he doesn’t have health insurance…NO! It’s incredibly frustrating to be an American. This Right taken away, or that Right taken away, so-and-so telling me what I need to spend my money on and when I don’t agree they just reach into my bank account and take it anyway. I enjoy having credit cards, I enjoy having my bills paid, I enjoy using my money, but when I’m working my ass off, so that these righteous people can sit in their luxury cars, wearing their designer clothes, giving their 4 year olds $90K birthday parties, looking down their plastic noses at me, telling me that “Its good for the economy to continue to let them spend my money”…I’m sorry, I disagree hugely. These back office deals are pushing my buttons and I’m tired of paying for it. “I should just learn to accept it,” I’m told because it’s who I voted for. That’s not 100% correct. It doesn’t matter who I voted for. I see it in my own community. Leader’s fudging paper work to get people into homes they can’t afford, it’s community people that are here illegally living in low income yet driving Cadillac’s and Escalades’ while their kids have silver teeth and clothes that are too small even though they have free medical insurance and food-stamps and cash-aid. It’s the people who lie, cheat and steal from everyone else because they feel entitled to it. I don’t want you to think that I’m against welfare, because I’m not. I was on welfare. I used it to every inch of what I qualified for because I needed it. As soon as I was stable, I was off of it. Did I abuse it, NOPE! Did I use it, YES! I just don’t get it. Something has to give. When the well runs dry, that’s it, no one else to blame but you.

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