12 Life Lessons According To Sheer Chaos

#1. Above all, you must laugh often (Also a perfume)–It cleanses the soul, shakes up the insides and a smile looks stunning on anyone’s face no matter what it looks like, no matter how straight or crooked, white or dingy your teeth are. Wear your smile proudly and show it to every one. Every day you have opportunities to laugh, don’t be afraid and never hold back (unless someone is getting hurt and you find it funny…but even then you can still laugh). If something tickles your fancy, laugh about it. Share it.

#2. Be a self motivator– Be willing to start something, rearrange your furniture, start a new project, drive some where you’ve never been, learn a new skill, be open minded to new beliefs, new world view, others opinions, etc. Don’t be afraid of the word “No” and certainly don’t let it stand in your way of achieving your dreams. Idle hands are the devils playground, so keep busy. Watching TV, texting, and being a back seat driver/couch potato, is NOT considered “Doing something”.

#3. Make your WORD worth something– No one likes a liar or someone they can’t count on. If you shake hands or make a promise, come hell or high water, make it happen to the best of your ability. Never admit defeat because all things are possible but trust is almost impossible to earn back once it’s broken. Your honor is your WORD.

#4. Chocolate fixes everything– Seriously! It does! (If you don’t believe me)

Stop. Licking. Your. Monitor.

#5. Take responsibility for your actions– It sucks when you’re wrong but you will look like a damn fool trying to argue an argument that you’ve already lost. Say “I’m sorry” and mean it. To say “I’m sorry” and mean it, means I’m sorry and it won’t happen again. If there is even a slight chance that you might make the same error, then don’t say “I’m sorry” say, “I will try harder next time to not suck so much”…just kidding. All I’m saying is, don’t pass the blame, don’t look for an excuse, just admit you were wrong, you made a mistake, and don’t let it happen again. This lesson coincides with #3.

#6. Have Patience or learn too– Take up yoga, go to church, eat chocolate, take up some kind of art, but whatever it is you choose to do, learn to relax and chill out. Nothing in this world is that important to lose your head over. Sometimes we do the most damage to ourselves and our relationships in one hot headed moment and sometimes, those mistakes are almost impossible to mend 100%.

     NOTE: This is something I’m currently working on.

#7. Perseverance– is a skill not a talent and we all have a chance at it. In a world of “Instant Gratification” the second we encounter hard work, a set back or have to start over, we are more than willing to just give up. Sweat, tears, blood and pain make your reward devine and worth the work. One famous person once said, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. The rewards are often priceless. Plus you’re taking pride in yourself. You’re teaching yourself what you’re capable of doing. Marriage, raising children, dealing with families are never easy and no one every said it would be but your hard work is worth it.

#8. Be curious– Always ask questions. Being ignorant is not an excuse; it’s a lack of will and knowledge. Seek to learn everything and pass on what you learn. Never be content with just one skill, one book, one class, etc. Continue your curiosity and education.

#9. Be in the present– (now I don’t mean like jumping out of a birthday cake) The present is your chance to change the past and make tomorrow better. Be with those you hold dear because they will be your history where you can only cherish their memory. Don’t complain about the hand you were dealt, make it work, change the things you can right now and smile because tomorrow is another day to start over. My favorite quote,

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”—Albert Einstein.

#10. Definition of insanity– Don’t expect different results when doing the same thing over and over. There are many people who will come into your life and will disappoint you. No matter what you do and say to them, they won’t change. A duck will always be a duck no matter what water he swims in. So change YOU and your approach. Know going into any situation involving them is going to be difficult and not anything close to what you had in mind. And always expect their same pattern of behavior then you won’t be disappointed. This will put you two steps ahead of the game.

#11. Relationships aren’t easy– They were never intended to be easy and frankly, they shouldn’t be. It’s 60/40 despite what you’ve might heard. If your not helping bail water out of the boat then your putting water in the boat.  Every day is your job to seek new corners of your relationships, enhance the spaces you’ve been to and live outside of yourself. You get back what you put out. I see so many people holding on to what is already over, because someone’s givin up. Sure, any relationship can be saved, if both people want the relationship to continue. I’ve included a list below; of what each every person this planet has a right to, even if they’re in a relationship.

                       Basic Personal Rights

                          I HAVE THE RIGHT:

            To have friends and family that can/will visit often

            To act in ways that promote my dignity and self-respect as along as
              others’ rights are not violated in the process
            To be treated with respect
            To say No and not feel guilty
            To experience and express my feelings
            To take time to slow down and think
            To change my mind
            To ask for what I want
            To do less than I am humanly capable of doing
            To ask for information
            To make mistakes
            To feel good about myself

#12. When all else fails have a piece of chocolate cake with an extra shot latte and start over tomorrow.


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