It’s Not Ok…

I don’t know where we, as a society got off course but I just want to remind you, my readers, my followers, my haters, my likers, my just-passing-througher’s;

It’s not ok to ask someone you know who is eating their lunch of chicken McNuggets, french fries, a rollo-shake and chocolate chip cookies at their desk as you walk by, “Are you still on that diet?”  It’s not ok. They know they’re not on the diet. They obviously have moved past the novelty of being thin and have chosen to enjoy life to its fullest. By you saying such a comment is reminding them that they may have chosen badly or will now start feeling guilty.

It’s not ok to tell someone standing in line at the company BBQ, whom you employ, to “Back away from the food“. It’s not ok to make them feel unwelcome, over weight and made fun of, all in the same sentence. It’s against a moral code of some sort some where I’m sure.

It’s not ok to give a teenager with acne advice when they didn’t ask for it. If you are related to them, as in, parents and siblings, then its ok, but if you’re not that closely related to them refrain from such comments. All you are doing is diminishing their self-esteem which is already at an all time low as it is why make the situation worse.


It is ok to tell them, “Wow, those Twinkies look so good. I should have brought some in my lunch,” or “Hey, you’ve worked hard enjoy the BBQ” or even, “Dang dude, you have a beautiful smile, you’ll be breakin hearts in no time.”

Spread the love and respect. Make someone’s day. Instead of tearing them down, pushing them around and beating up their inner self with your words, why not build them up, make them shine, give them a smile. It’s not that hard…seriously it’s not, and if you think it is, then this world has a whole new problem.



4 thoughts on “It’s Not Ok…

  1. YEA! Be nice, it will also make you feel better too. Don’t be in such a hurry driving, it really rude not to give the right of way. Thats been really bad latly too. It took me 10 min just to get out of a pakrking spot because everytime I tried to pull out someone would speed right pass me , then the last time I tried to pull out this guy saw me 1/2 way out and he just stoped right behind me and sat there, I’m like really dud, really
    Then he pulled in to a parking spot 2 spaces down. Dam. Let someone pull out or pass if they need too, its not that hard and smile. Oh and when your parking your car make sure your in the dam lines it is so rude to take up two spaces. Give your smiles away there free and make your heart fill good.

  2. I also feel like its not ok to ask a woman when she is due or if she’s pregnant unless that woman is in active labor. haha. Honestly though its rude.

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