This road sure is bumpy

I’m not one of those who can easily hide. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I speak up about injustices and I help those wanting help.

I don’t have selfish motivations. I listen to the little voice inside my head to guide me and I’m lead by my faith.

I’m trying to steer through this life’s journey the very best I can. I’m smelling the roses along the way because I read somewhere that that’s something you should do. I’m savoring my children’s childhoods because I’m told it goes by quickly. I go to work every day earning my keep so that I’m not a burden to the man of my life because that’s how I was raised. I say “I’m sorry” when I mess up and “thank you” when I’m thankful. I pay my bills because I’m being responsible. I drive the distance for the ones I love because, …(now this is a crazy concept)t…because I love them. I don’t have much money but what I do have I’m willing to help where I can and that should count for something…right?

When my trust is broken I cry. When my heart is broken I bleed. When my love is betrayed I’m crushed. Words hurt me too. I’m easily upset because I give my all with everything I do.

Now I might be doing this all wrong because the people who I was born to trust keep breaking it. They are scaring my soul with their hurtful words and bleeding me dry.

I’ve been taught that, “They’re people in this world who will upset you, disappoint you or betray you.” Never did I think it would be the mouth who spoke those words to me actually doing all those things.

So is it true that if you live truthfully, that life will be easier? No, it won’t. It will be emotionally more difficult and will make you have thicker skin and a hard outer shell. Being on the receiving end of the betrayal is not for the weak, because the weak are on the other side of the betrayal coin. The strong will survive and the weak will perish.

It’s not easier as you get older; you just become wiser, thus making wiser decisions; which then you find out make your life easier-ish.

                                 This video is dedicated to my dad:


4 thoughts on “This road sure is bumpy

  1. WOW, I know you are hurtting baby girl, its hard when you see you daddy in the light of a man, this too shall pass. I love you, I have had to do the same but belive me, he is still your Dad. You love him and he loves you too, when you see them as people its hard and heart breaking. give it time , the old saying time heals all is true…………………………………love you much, just one more lesson in the game of life.

  2. I love you girl. I may not always talk with you as much as we used to but I do still consider you one of my best friends! 🙂 If you need anything call me. I may not always answer but I will always call you back! ❤

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