A few things that really peeve me.

#1. McDonald’s in Anderson California. Specifically the drive thru. I work in Anderson, so I only have so many minutes alloted to my weekly lunch breaks. It’s not rocket science, nursing, or even common sense, really. How hard is it greet the customer? Take said customers order? Apparently pretty damn difficult at this establishment and here’s why;

   “Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order?”

 “Yes, I’ll have the number 11 please wit–”

    “Do you want that large or medium and what kind of sauce and what to drink?”

  “I’ll have it medium and I’ll tak–”

     “What kind of sauce and what to drink?”

“Sweet and sour and”

    “What to drink?”

“A Dr. Pepper please.”

    “What size?”


    “Pull around to the first window and I’ll have your total.”

“Thank you.”   So I pull around, and I’m greeted by a teenager, wearing 50 lbs of glamour makeup, fake nails with every kind of glitter sparkling from them, chewing gum, and laughing with her co-workers. She then turns to me and reaches for my card in a rude fashion. I politely pull the card back so she can’t reach it in an effort to get her attention and to maybe, just maybe see that I’m more than annoyed at this point and want to make my point perfectly clear. (Now I know what your thinking, minimum wage worker, teenager, DON’T SAY ANYTHING SHE’LL SPIT IN YOUR FOOD). When the McDonald’s associate turns to see why she still hasn’t grasped the card, I then ask her what my order is. She says,

“A fillet-a-fish with pickles and large coke and no salt fries.”

   This is where I chose NOT to lose it. I politely said, “NOPE!”

She then say’s, “A medium 10 piece chicken nugget meal with sweet and sour sauce and a medium Dr. Pepper?”

   I answer, “Correct” and she is now allowed to grab my card. She forces the card through the credit card swiper, twice, hands me a receipt and I pull forward. I gaze at my receipt, which either was printed in a foreign language or someone needed to change the ink cartridge in the receipt printer because I can’t read the writing. At the second window, I’m greeted by Window #1’s evil tweaker step mom who has lost most of her teeth and has more wrinkles than my grandparents combined. She hands me my food. I notice the drink is the gallon sized cup, so I hand it back. I look in my bag, only to find a salad and apple dippers. I hand it back as well.

This is also where I’ve chosen to not lose it, as I’m still at the window, any corrections can still be made. They correct my order and I drive away. I get to my desk 5 miles down the road, only to realize, I have NO SWEET & SOUR SAUCE. That Bitch screwed me anyways.

I just don’t understand why I keep going to these places. The food isn’t healthy. The service is shitty. The prices are still to damn high. So I’ve resigned from going to McDonald’s in Anderson CA. I now drive to Redding, 4 miles down the road from my work and go to Carl’s Jr. where they know me by my first name, they never ask me questions until I’ve finished talking, they never forget the sauce I order, and always say Thank You with a smile and after handing me my receipt along with my food, they say, “Good bye, have a nice day.”

Is it really that hard to work at a fast food restaurant? What goes on between window #1 and window #2?


4 thoughts on “A few things that really peeve me.

  1. So right, thats why I never go to Mc donolds. I never use the drive threw at all. There all bad and it always messed up or they always for get somthing. All I can tell you is go to your mom and pop places they are always better and I;d rather send my money at theses placses anyway or you can have lunch at your mommas anytime. love ya……………………….

  2. Have you ever considered bringing your lunch to work? But yes I agree the job is not that difficult, I worked in fast food for 3 years so I know. The problem is, that isn’t a career, its a job and they hate it. They don’t care if they mess up your order because they hate everyone that comes to their window. The company doesn’t care because they figure that they can just hire some one else just as shitty to replace them next week if that person doesn’t work out. Its a sad and sick cycle that will never get remedied.

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