Big News…

Last Sunday around 4 o’clock I got wonderful news from WordPress. I was heavily debating whether I should renew my blog and re-up my “space allowance”. I greatly enjoy writing for you all, my beloved readers. I was going to throw in the towel because our economy isn’t getting any better and my kids keep needing to be fed, (apparently they have to eat like three or four times aday) and well something that cost me money has to be carefully considered. I received an e-mail,

“Dear Alena,To celebrate the New Year we’ve decided to offer you more space for your precious media.

Your space upgrade has been increased without any additional cost for you as follows:

15GB -> 25GB

Your total available space has been automatically updated and as you can see in your Media Library.

You now have a total of 28GB.

We hope you’ll enjoy the extra space, and we wish you and your site all the best for 2012!”

  So needless to say, (or maybe I should say it) WordPress so generously upgraded my blog space for FREE! I instantly hit the “reply” button and sent them a Thank You e-mail. Something that gives me great joy and allows me to unclutter my head while sharing my words with the world is  definitely something worth keeping alive.
   So 2012 is starting out on the right foot.

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