We’re Getting Married…

Rafe and I are Getting Married!!!

We’ve finally decided to jump into the marriage pool and push the “PLAY” button on our lives. Rafe and I are going to celebrate the uniting of our families with as little drama as we can possible avoid. We want our friends and families to enjoy our special day and have fun.

With that being said, I’ve jumped into the wedding planning with both feet. We’ve picked a date, July 28th, 2012. That only leaves 139 days, or 4 months 17 days, or 3,336 hours, or 200,150 minutes, or 12,009,600 seconds. But whose counting right? …ME! I’ve been waiting for almost 6 years to finally say, “I DO” to this wonderful man of mine.

So without further ado,the wedding details have arrived. I will update all of my beautiful reader’s on the latest happenings in our Wedding Arena. We want an informal wedding that is centered around a relaxed environment and a warm welcoming of friends and family. We’ve also decided on a potluck evening ceremony and reception. We’ve decided that our colors will be traditional, Black and White with a Yellow accent because the flower of my choice has been decided and its the Shasta Daisy.

Rafe has chosen my cousin Mike (Brother from another mother)  as his Best Man. Which just tickles me pink, because I was going to pick Mike as my Best Man. I have chosen my cousin Angelica (she’s like my child) as my Maid-Of-Honor. Angelica and I have talked about the day I get married and I’ve always naturally assumed she’d be in my wedding. I did how ever ask my sister to be my Maid-Of-Honor though she wouldn’t be able to make it due to time constraints and the fact that my sister and her new husband are in the process of trying to become parents. (Keeping my fingers crossed for them. =D

Aubry & Madison will be my flower girls/Bridesmaids and my son, Kenny will walk me down the aisle. My Great Uncle Rodger will marry Rafe and I.

You’d think with all of those decision’s already made, that we’d be half-finished with planning this shindig, but as I’m learning, that’s not even 1/2 way. We still have to pick a venue, what to bring to the wedding, register with stores or something like that and pick out flowers and decorations and invitations and get addresses and…yeah, it’s enough to make this BRIDE want to get married on a Wednesday while everyone’s at work, wearing jeans and a T-shirt walking down the aisle with a potted plant in a terra-cotta pot.

 But on a serious note, I can’t wait to look into his eyes, say “I do” and become his wife instead of, “The Girlfriend”, “The lady he lives with”, “Madison’s almost mom”.

If I could ask a favor from my reader’s, say a little prayer for me, we all know how accident prone I am, I DON’T WANT TO FALL WHILE WALKING DOWN THE AISLE, STANDING AT THE ALTER, OR WHILE DANCING WITH MY NEW HUSBAND.


6 thoughts on “We’re Getting Married…

  1. You won’t fall, brides are always the most beautiful thing in sight. And if you do fall, it’ll be that funny antidote that you get to tell everyone for the rest of your lives. Like my fingers were swollen and my rings wouldn’t go on my fingers so I had to put my own ring on my finger…LOL it’s a story and you like those. So I will say a prayer but there are many other things to worry about, that should not be one of your concerns. I’m still tickled pink that you are getting married. woohoo!

      1. it’s a good date too, 2 days after my birthday, so I’ll get to do loads of celebratin’ that week!! I know you are happy, that’s what makes me so happy because I know how much you want this and have for quite some time, okay maybe I’ll be tickled black yellow and white… would that be better? LOL

  2. Congratulations sister (from another mother)!!!! If you need any help at all, just call. Can’t wait for the bachelorette party!!!

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