Apex- the highest point, a pinnacle, climax, peak.

  I sit in my recliner, having enjoyed a freshly made omelette and the tangy taste of orange juice dancing on my tongue. It is then that I take the time to listen to the sounds around me. Sure, kids are frustrating and constantly whining, chores have to be done and my back is in a perpetual state of dull ache but it is then that I hear the words speaking to my heart.

Live it, Love it, because you’ll miss it

The smell of lavender fabric sheets is wafting down the hallway awakening my senses. The girls are in their most imaginative years as young ladies playing pretend with their Barbie’s on their make shift Barbie condo (cat condo). Kenny is mopping the kitchen and not on the Xbox. The kitten is monitoring the new cat fountain water bowl, Mama Sasha is waiting patiently at the back door to hang out with her old friends, Jessica and White Socks and Mr. Kat is lounging on the back of the couch in the morning sun. The clouds outside are huge cotton balls drifting past our humble home. Church had a beautiful message this morning. The wedding planning is in full swing and the weekend is almost over.

I couldn’t imagine life gets any better than this. I am so blessed to be able to take a moment out of my life to enjoy the pure beauty of my family and all that they bring to my life.

I don’t want to rush the children to grow up, I don’t want them to feel burdened with everyday adult pressures. I want to remember these day’s for all of my life because I know their day’s are numbered. There are so many thing’s in life that capture our attention and hold it ransom until we cut those strings and start living for us. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. We don’t answer that text or email the moment we get it.

Rafe and I will be married, so the wedding planning will be complete. The kitten will no longer be a spunky kitten but a lazy house cat. Kenny will graduate high school and the girls will be starting college. The finger prints on the windows will be  washed away and the smell of Play Dough will be but a distant memory.

So I ask you my beloved reader’s,Close your eyes, Listen to the sounds of your life, Let it fill your heart with pride, and Smile because the love you have and the love you feel is beautiful, let the one’s you love see it in you.



3 thoughts on “Apex?

  1. I was driving down the road with my sister one day and I pointed to the sunset and said isn’t that so beautiful. She looked up and said, ” yeah, I’ve seen a sunset before.” I was astounded that she didn’t want to stop and enjoy the moment. So yes, I agree with you totally. We must enjoy these moments because they will be gone in a blink of the eye. Beautifully written!

  2. Yes . Remeber it ,enjoy it. It gos fast and these’s thought will be with you for many years to come. When I miss my little girls. I think back. OFTEN. Too them playing or somthing silly they did or said. It conforts me today and often. When I am sacared or cant deal with what ever life is throwing at me, I let my mind go back in time. One memory that always comforts me is thinking back when my babies were born and when they were put in my arms for the very first time, how they sweet smelled , how small there tiny hands were laying in my hand, and how they just feel so right in my arms. The silly faces they made as babys, the little dance shows they would put on and how happy it made them to get new shoses…….Silly little girls. thank God I have them.

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