We Did It


Rafe and I took the plunge on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 5:30PM while our closest friends and family helped celebrate our very special day. We enjoyed the warm hugs, the great food, the dancing, the cake and the smiling faces. Our wedding was the most beautiful day, I could have ever planned or imagined.


We had so many people helping us to pull this great event off. We’d like to thank everyone that made it possible. No matter how big or how small the detail it all helped make our day special and memorable. If you’d like to see our various wedding photo’s please go on over to my Facebook profile, and click away.


We didn’t venture very far from Red Bluff for a Honeymoon, but we did enjoy our three days and two nights stay at The Inn at Rolling Hills Casino. We had the most delicious honeymoon late-night-early-morning dinnerbreakfast, as we didn’t get to eat very much at the wedding and we were famished by the time we made it to the hotel. The breakfast buffet was amazing, the jacuzzi tub in our room was addicting and the king size bed and fluffy pillows are a must have in our new house. Best of all, we enjoyed everyone’s wonderful gifts. We had a blast spending the gift cards/money.


So from the bottom of our hearts,

Thank You So Much!

Mr. & Mrs. Rafe Spaulding


5 thoughts on “We Did It

  1. It was so much fun to be a part of your happy day, I agree this is my favorite post ever. You guys were beautiful and everyone had so much fun…thanks for sharing it with my family too!!

  2. I am so proud and happy for you both. This is my favorite post ever – congratulations! I love the last picture. I’m glad you had the hella breakfastdinner at the casino, I don’t know why but they always have the best food. Hug you both and thanks for all the pictures, I feel like I was there. XO

    1. In essence you were. Your many post’s, helped remind us, IN THE MOMENT, to enjoy all of it. And etch it into our memory and our psyche. We made sure we made the most out of every minute and left all the negative thoughts/feelings/etc. out of the picture. This is the best we will ever be in that moment! =)

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