Oh My Gosh! Really! Are You Serious?

Jerry Lee Kelley

    Top of the headlines this morning in our local paper was a story about a man, Jerry Lee Kelley, who molested several girls (as in more then one girl). When you live where I live, this is an everyday story, often over-looked. But I decided to read the whole story for two reasons; 1. the man in the mug shot looks like a creepy pedo, 2. the headline caught my attention, “Judge Slams Child Molester with a 110 Year Sentence.”

    I was thinking to myself, “HELL YEAH. FINALLY, JUSTICE SERVED!” So I wanted to find out what this guy did that got him so many  years. What did he do differently then all the other pedo’s?

    Upon reading the story in its entirety, I found myself flabbergasted, frustrated and ultimately angered, but not by the judge’s ruling this time.

    You have to understand, Shasta County is the inmate dumping grounds for the prison system. So our crime rate is ridiculously high and our city and state governments keep cutting our law enforcement. Seeing crime story after crime story on TV, in the newspapers and on the radio are a regular problem. Often times, the county jail is over flowing and these criminals are getting away with murder, rape, and damn near pillaging.

    OK, so back on topic. I was flabbergasted because the defense attorney, Richard Maxion, is trying to gain a sympathy vote from the jurors by stating that the 110 year sentence is “cruel and unusual punishment,” because ten people who know him and are willing to testify on his behalf say, “he’s an honest man and helpful to friends.”

    Oh My Gosh! Really! Are you serious? I don’t care if he baked cupcakes every day for the homeless, saved all the puppies and kittens from the shelters, or donated a lung to a dying infant. This man started raping and molesting a 4-year-old baby girl until she was 15, and that’s just one of the girl’sTen people were willing to stand up for him and plead mercy on his behalf. I’m outraged because these little girls could have been anyone of their kids. Would they continue to feel the same if their child was one of the victims? NO!!! He was covering as a “good friend” or an “honest person” so he wouldn’t be caught. So that he could continue victimizing these poor children.

    The judge, Dennis Murray, said it all, “these are very heinous, serious, and violent crimes.” Judge Murray also addressed Jerry Lee Kelley’s dipsh–, I mean witnesses by saying, “he’s honest in dealing with adults but he’s a monster in dealing with children.” Even the district attorney, Michael Hemker said, “courts have upheld similar sentences for child molesters.” Can we high-five these men for stating the obvious to not one, not two, but ten of Redding‘s dimwitted people?

    And you know what, Richard Maxion had the audacity to use  as an excuse? I mean he actually spoke the words out loud. “Kelley was ‘possibly’ molested as a child.”

    Again, are you kidding me? “Possibly” as in, “maybe” he was molested. So it’s an ok excuse to use innocent babies as a tool for his pedo tendencies as therapy?

    He was convicted and charged and sentenced for, rape, kidnapping with the purpose of child molestation, lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 and other criminal counts. Well at least I can rest a bit easier knowing Jerry Lee Kelley will have to serve 16 years of his prison sentence before he starts serving his consecutive life sentences, plus he’s already 63 years old, so hopefully, he’ll just die in prison.

And last but not least, I think the Record Searchlight should post the names of the witnesses, so we as citizens of this county, can remind them daily of their stupid decision of testifying on behalf of a creepy pedo. This would be the perfect time to show case the talent of “High-fiving someone in the forehead with a stapler”


7 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh! Really! Are You Serious?

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………………..I dont even know what to say, Please keep an eye on your kids,and love them. They are kids for a very short time . Who they are with and spending there time with and always hear what they are saying and not saying . Your kids always tell you whats going on but somtimes in other ways than words.

  2. I totally agree!!! awesomely put! i really like the part about the high five with a stapler lol cant stand perverts that abuse children they are as evil as it gets forgiveness is very difficult for me when it come to hurting a small child and hurting them for life all pervs should have there life’s taken away just like they take away a child’s and more.

    1. I just can’t believe some people sometimes. I mean, of all the things to take a stand on, these people decide to stand up for a child molester. I thought that was a no brainer, but apparently they misunderstood the phrase.

  3. I happen to know the girl who was molested until she was fifteen. She is an amazing person. This guy got everything he deserved and I hope he spends his life in prison getting getting used and abused just like his victims. Don’t drop the soap Jerry. 🙂

    1. I pray that one day she will be able to put this behind her, and her life will be rich in happiness and love. I have a dear person close to my heart who went through a similiar incident as her and he’s has trouble from time to time keeping the memories in the past but he is a wonderful man with a very loving heart, so I know there is hope for her in overcoming such a dreadful life event. My best wishes and speedy recovery. God Bless!

  4. I can’t add anymore to this, except public drawing and quartering with out any pain meds to make him suffer one second compared to what the child will have to endure for a lifetime!

    1. Yes, I believe if they brough back public hanging’s, we’d have a lot less crime. However, with the way the court system works, we would also have a lot of innocent deaths as well.

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