Boston, Texas, Red Bluff…


Legs blown off, kids taken from their parents, house leveled flat, blood covered sidewalks, missing children, lives snuffed on school campus in broad daylight, are just many quotes that have been on the News Headlines and in magazine editorials. Newtown, Boston, Red Bluff. I know that I’m getting older (34 on the 25th) and I’m more aware of the world around me but something is brewing, my bones can feel it.

My parents moved my sister and I to Northern California when I was 9 years old, to get away from all the crime and chaos in Southern California. We lived in this nice little Valley. Not much crime. Neighborhood kids grew up to marry each other. So I decided to grow my own family here.

In the last two months my sons friend Marysa Nichols was followed on campus and murdered at 11:45-ish in the morning. Here body was hidden and found two days later. Last week, less then 1/2 a mile from my backyard, Red Bluff Police shot and killed a 25 year old man on a balcony because he was “posing a threat”. Our city has been tagged by gang graffiti.

I don’t care about gun control, Obama’s golfing trips or the price of tea in China. I want my children to grow up safely. This country is turning to shit. We have to start educating our children about the monsters of the world earlier and earlier. It’s scary & disturbing. We have to teach our children about the “loss of life and how to cope”.

I know it’s all apart of life but when you sit in the comforts of your own home while watching the News and it feels like your watching an Action Flick, that’s when you know something has to change. What to change? Only The Lord knows.

I was hoping to write this blog and end it on a lighter note, but none came to me. So I’ll close this post with the best my heart can write. Say I Love You and hug each other, because they can be taken at any minute.

Let me know whatcha think

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