Pending AuntyHood…

Note: Reader’s, I would like for you to click on this youtube video and listen while you read my latest blog post. It hits the flavor of feelings.


My dearest Niece,

            I want to talk to you for a second. I know you’re really busy lately trying to grow your beautiful lips and adorable arms and legs, but I’d like to just have a few moments of your time. I have some pretty incredible people I’d like you to meet. They’re amazing folks. But before I tell you about them, I just have to explain something to you.

            Our family is kind of chaotic at times; OK most of the time. We are always in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life. We’ve had some major setbacks and some awesome advances too. We’ve lost your two Uncles and your Aunt at a very young and tender age, but I’m sure you already know them. We’ve also lost a couple of your siblings long before we even knew they were on their way. But please don’t shed any tears for them because we will all be reunited soon. This is why our family is so tough. We cherish our moments together as a family.

            With that being said, your Mommy and Daddy are nervous and excited at the same time. They want you to stay with them. They want you to grow and flourish. They want to cradle you in their arms, they want to tuck you in at night and kiss your booboo’s and they want to clap when you accomplish your milestones. Their hearts are holding onto you so tightly right now. They can’t jump for joy yet because your world is so fragile right now. They’ve experienced the heart breaks before and they fear losing you.

I, on the other hand, knew about you shortly before they did. I was given the vision from God in a dream. Your Daddy changed your diaper (while you slept) and he handed you to me. I held your tiny body in my arms and cherished your smell, your pouty lips, your delicate skin and your petite legs. Your fingers were long; just like your Mommy’s.

I called your Mommy as soon as I woke up and nearly cried on the phone. The next day, her pregnancy test showed positive as well as the blood test the next day. I knew from the moment I woke up that you were on your way. And I’m not rushing you, please, take your time. While you’re in there let me introduce you to the wonderful people out here awaiting your arrival.


First off, your Mommy is an amazing woman, she’s so fashionable, she has the most comforting eyes and always smells like “home”. Her name is BethAnn; one word no middle name. But to you, just call her Mommy. She will give you the best kisses and will always be there for you. Her arms will cradle you in the most supporting way, though they’ve been warmed up by a few of your soon-to-be friends.


I’ve never met your Daddy, Aaron, in person but that will be changing very soon. I have gotten to know him over the years and if there is one thing I’m most certain about is this: you will be well protected, for gosh sake’s his nick name is Grizzly. He will teach you all about the 49er’s. I’m also pretty sure your car rides will be a blast. His chest will be the 2nd most comfortable place for you to sleep next to your Mommy’s arms.  He loves your Mommy so much, it sparkles in his eyes. I can’t wait for you to wrap him around your dainty little finger.

Your parents will have plenty of animal’s on-hand for you to pet and play with. Right now, Bunny is the big sister you’ll meet first! Don’t let her name fool you though; your Mommy was clever in naming Bunny, The Dog.


Also, you have a real life hero for a Grandpa. He’s helped so many people by training dogs to find people and to attack the bad ones. It’s your Grandpa’s passion and he does it perfectly. He has the most familiar laugh; I’m sure you’ve already heard it. He makes awesome beef jerky and always has junk food on-hand. I know you will train him well.


You have wonderful cousins too. Kenny is a goofy ball and will teach you all about the Xbox; although I’m sure your Daddy will do that too but Kenny will let you beat him. Aubry is a fashionista at heart and can’t wait to baby you. Madison is a tender-hearted tomboy who loves to play in the dirt and wear her food. Together they make up, The Crew. They bring the “Fun” to the Party. You will get to know them very well. They’re hard to miss and they rarely ever shut up.

You also have my husband, Rafe, as your Uncle. He’s goofy too, but he loves honestly and cares openly and he can’t wait for you to get here either. He will probably fix your computers and tell you about all the funny stories our family has had over the years. He does really good impressions too.

Then there’s me, Alena, your own personal Aunty; spelt with a Y and not an IE. I’ve been expecting you for a while. Hoping and praying for you to grace our family with your presence. Though I’ve had the great opportunity of seeing you already, I know you’re going to be adorable and amazingly smart and very fashionable. I also know you’re going to keep your Mommy on her toes. You’re going to keep your Daddy on edge and your Grandpa on the-ready at a moment’s notice. I feel it in my bones and know it in my heart. I will always be there for you and I can’t wait to hold you; to snuggle your little face and kiss your sweet cheeks. I’m a writer without any published books, but I will most likely encourage your reading habits and will try very hard to send your gifts in the mail before the holiday is over.

         It’s hard to want someone so badly when we can’t just take you, you have to be given and thankfully, you’ve been given to us. So take your time growing and becoming the perfect YOU, you can be. Stay with us and we will all see you around Christmas time. In the mean time, be a little easy with your Mommy. Don’t give her any unneeded surprises and be gentle too, she has a lot of people caring for her and we don’t like to see her hurting or upset; which I’m sure you don’t either. Until then, I love you.

Love Always, Your Aunty! OXOXOX



6 thoughts on “Pending AuntyHood…

      1. That was awesome! Aleana, you are a awesome writer! brought tears to my eyes. Does your momma know yet? i bet she is jumping and praising God. She loves her grandbabies! Finally her prayers are being answered and what a blessing that God has given her a second chance in life to see the love that awaits her.
        she must be so proud. xoxo nothing better than your grand children we might not be the best parents but we are awesome grand moms!!!

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