Happiness Is Subjective

We’re in the process of buying our first home for the family, yet I’m slightly scared and nervous. When does the happiness kick in?

My sister is having a “perfect pregnancy” according to her doctor and Avery is healthy; as is my sister. Yet I’m scared and reluctant to find the pure happiness in this. Why?

I’m acing my lumber estimating class and I’m valued and respected at work yet I find anger and competition there. How?

I think I’ve figured it out. I’m on the verge of a lot of change in my life. It’s scary going from one house to another. One set of bills to the next. One town to the other. It’s difficult letting go of control. It’s even harder to sit back 3,000 miles away from sister and nephew and just pray nothing goes wrong. As for my job, I think it’s the shift in knowledge that is causing me the aggression. I know the material and procedures yet I struggle to watch incompetence play out.

Having the keys to our new house will create the happiness. Seeing a happy healthy Avery in my sisters arms will create the happiness. Finishing my class and having the hire up’s know that I’m smart and know that I can do the job will create my happiness.

(Stay tuned…)


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One thought on “Happiness Is Subjective

  1. Well 2 are done and came out good. 1 more to go. Yes your right. But this is what makes life worth living. All must go on or you just give up and die. So just stay on track. All will be what is meant to be. Enjoy each one. Then it will be on to the next chapter.

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