The Truth You Don’t Want To Admit

You smile, but I see the lie hiding behind your Cheshire grin.
You speak with conviction as though you’re innocent, but I can feel the truth in my bones.
I watch you hug them, but it’s just a taste of what I get from them all the time.
I watch you cry in front of them, but I know it’s your guilt that makes them roll down your cheek.
You make promises, but they see you breaking them.
You say I love you, and that’s the only thing they believe any more; unfortunately it’s just not enough.
I show them what security feels like and they understand how important it is.
I give them confidence in making good decisions, you teach them what bad decisions look like.
You let your actions speak louder than your empty words.
You get to watch them grow-up and out of the Brown name.
I will lead them to the path of righteousness and into the light of hope and potential.
I have what they need and what they want, while you’re living your life else where.
You will have to live with the regret and the guilt, when you see the look of disappointment in their eyes.
You have only DNA and a last name attached to them in my eyes.
You don’t hold any more control over them or me!
I call the shots, and they have always been in their best interest.
I will watch you drive away again, and I will continue to pick up the pieces you leave behind.
They listen to the excuses you give them, but they feel the hurt in their heart.
They will realize that your intentions are always a short coming for you.
They’re old enough now that they understand and pity the life you lead, without them.

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