I have a nephew, his name is Avery he is currently, 17 months old. . . ok so he’s almost 2. He has delicate blue eyes, an addictive voice, soft blonde hair, and chubby cheeks. But best of all, he has the best personality.

There are days that go by that I think of him and relish in the fact that I get to be his Aunty. (I know its spelled wrong). It’s like the best job really. I get to undermine his parent authority as often as I can. I get to give him the loudest most annoying toys. I get to share my parenting experiences with his mom. He makes my day anytime I get to talk to him. Just the sound of his laughter or his tiny little voice, makes my heart bubble with happiness.

Avery lives in Tennessee and I live in California. We Skype as much as possible and I call him whenever I can. His mommy (my sister) calls me all the time at all hours of the day or night and Avery makes sure to tell me his latest word or sound that he’s learned. Most of our time is spent convincing him not to hit the fun red button  that hangs up on Aunty. I buy him Muddy’s Cupcakes as often as I can and I try to make sure he has an odd assortment of books (Everybody Poops).

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m enjoying every aspect of being an Aunty. If you get the chance to be an Uncle or an Aunty, don’t hesitate. In fact, you should probably encourage everyone around you to make you an Aunt or Uncle.

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