Domestic Violence Resources

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I’ve decided to go a bit more in-depth with myself and share with you one of the many causes I stand-up for and am a survivor of: Domestic Violence.

I’d like to leave a poem I found.

I’m Sick of My Life, Sick of My Hell

I’m sick of my life, I’m sick of my hell.
I’m sick of the place in this world where I dwell.
I’m sick of my sickness & sick of this feeling
living in a world where hate leaves you reeling.
Anything of value you ever had is gone.
To take all goodness & sanity
from someone else is just plain wrong.
You watched it with your mother
you watched it with yourself.
you really hope & pray to GOD
to put your dependents on a shelf.
But that you were doomed & destined
for a lifetime of misery is true.
To watch it happen to the ones you love
Is all that’s in store for you.

submitted and written by Kay


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