5 Days Until He Turns 17

When Kenny was a baby, he use to sit in his swing for hours on end and just enjoy his baby life. He’d never really cry and when he did it wasn’t for very long it was usually because he was hungry or poppy. He was generally a happy baby.


One night he fell asleep in his bouncer seat. My husband at the time, (Kenny’s dad) would usually pick Kenny up and put him in his crib and then set his bouncer chair to the side.


I did my usual, picking up stuff that were used throughout the day and putting things away. To speed up the process, I stacked the magazines up in my arms, but there were too many. I looked over and seen the back of the bouncer seat, figuring it was empty now. I lightly dropped the stack of magazines in my arms into the seat of the bouncer chair.Magazine-stack-600x400

To my surprise Kenny started crying. I didn’t realize he had fallen asleep and was still in the seatthat was facing the wall; in my defense.


I felt so bad. I picked him and loved on him, cuddled him and made him stop crying. When he went back to sleep in my arms, I laid him in his big comfy bed and watched him sleep for a few 30 minutes while I cried.


I’m his mom, I’m going to make mistakes, but the end results is to make sure he knows I love him, give him hugs often and right my wrongs as much as possible.

I love you more than the rain son.


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