6 Days Until He Turns 17


June 1st marks the 17th birthday of my wonderful, well humored, wittingly smart, amazonly tall, son Kenny. I usually celebrate his birth by smashing his face surprisingly into his cake. So for this year, I’d like for you to know a bit about him today.

So for the next 6 days I will be posting stories for his life that has made him into who he is today.

Without further ado, Story #1: Five different doctors told me I’d never conceive a child without medical intervention due to my poly cystic ovaries, so needless to say when the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I thought she was joking. It took her telling me 3 times, “Your’re pregnant. So much so, you’re in your 2nd trimester,” before I believed her.Facebook-20160528-110350

I walked out of the doctor’s office shocked and just handed my mom the paper confirming my pregnancy test. For the next few months, whenever I was with my mom, she told EVERYONE that I was pregnant. I know, she was excited; but I wasn’t even showing.Facebook-20160528-110452

As my pregnancy progressed, I knew it was a boy, because when I was younger I knew if I ever had kids, I wanted a little boy like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I had my ultrasound annnnnnnnnnnnnd it was a boy.This kid moved like he was a cat trapped under a blanket. I would get scolded from my mom when we were walking in public and I was caught holding my crotch because I was certain  this child was going to “just fall out,” if I didn’t hold it. I was convinced that I would be at the grocery store and I’d set my baby down and then forget where I put him or worse be unloading my grocery cart into the trunk and put the baby back there.Facebook-20160528-110305

I believed this so hardheartedly that I walked down the street to my mom’s house in the middle of the night, crying. Of course, my mom reassured me that this was normal to feel this way. To my surprise, THIS NEVER HAPPENED. In fact, this kid was like attached to me at the hip.Facebook-20160528-110340

I gave birth at 9:50 PM on a Tuesday in June back in 1999 by Doctor DeSoto at Mercy Hospital in Redding. This baby scared the crap out of everyone by not breathing for 4 agonizing minutes after he was born.

Lucky for me, I get to be his mom. We share the same morbid humor, we’re both tender-hearted people and we both love the hell out of some sleep.Facebook-20160528-110516

We’re both lucky to have each other.


(Stay tuned for more stories)


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