3 Days Until He’s 17


When I was pregnant with Kenny’s little sister Aubry, he was often my Doctor Buddy. He went with me to nearly every doctor’s appointment. Not because he had too, but because he wanted to; plus he got to play with “the really cool toys mom.”


Now you have to remember, we were in the “dirty south”. Southaven Mississippi to be exact. Lots of African-American folks around. This is an every day occurrence in Redding California. So it really took Kenny some getting use to. We were at my doctors office, Kenny and I were the only white people in the waiting room. The rest of the families were African-American. Kenny was over in the kid corner playing with a little black girl. Clearly everyone knew that HE was my son. The rest of us, were sitting very quietly, and I mean, VERY quietly in our chairs awaiting for our names to be called. We could hear every sounds the two children were making.


This is when the little girl turned to Kenny and said, “So what are you going to name your new baby?”

We all sat there, patiently awaiting his response. But me, being his mom, knew. Just knew he was up to something and what gave him away, was when he slightly turned his head my way, smirked with the biggest, shit eating grin, and said,

jackass_106910 “

I turned 50 shades of red and said, “KENNY! That is NOT what we are naming your baby sister. What ARE we naming her?” Everyone in the room, had stifled their laughter as best they could while Kenny answered. Kenny looked down at the floor in shame and in his best, most softest well mannered tone, he said, “Aubry Marie.”


Thank God that’s when Dr. Lance Whaley’s nurse called my name, I grabbed our things and shuffled my little Calvin into the doctors area.


That’s when I realized, I knew what Calvin’s mom must have went through. From that moment on, Kenny’s ON button has never went off. He’s clever, witty, and on 24/7. Not a day goes by, hell not a minute goes by without some kind of antic or quip is said.


CLICK HERE for proof



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