4 Days Until He’s 17

Facebook-20160531-045026When Kenny was 4 years old, we use to do everything together. We’d watch Emeril on TV, he’d make me a PB&J and we’d share it. One day, I was crying, (relationship issues with the husband), and Kenny wanted to make thing’s better. So he went down stairs, picked a few flowers/weeds; roots and all. Came up stairs and this was the conversation we had.


Kenny: “Mom, sit down. I hab a berry impertent question to ask you. ok?”
(He motioned with his hand to sit on the couch)
Me: “ok.” I looked at him with a smile wondering what he had behind his back.
Kenny: (He got down on both knees and handed me the handful of flowers; dirt clod and all) and said, “Will you marry me momma?”
Me: “Oh honey. I love you but I can’t marry you. I’m already married to your dad.” His face fell to disappointment so I said, “But I will promise to you forever. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.”


This young man was bound to make someone a wonderful husband one day and whomever she ends up being will have no option but to treat him right.

He often claimed that my sister’s best friend Courtney was his girlfriend and at times, he’d whisper that she was his wife. He was willing to put all of that aside and ask me to marry him.

Love my Kenny The Pooh


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