Happiness IS Content

After completing young adulthood, Beth found herself a husband.

After completing several years of being married, Beth found herself wanting a family of her own.

After completing two miscarriages, Beth found herself fertility treatments.

After several very long anxious months, Beth found herself finally pregnant.

After 40 weeks of very intense anticipation and being scared of the unknown, Beth found herself being induced for labor.

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…and this is where our story picks up.

I sat in the room with my sister and her husband and his mom. My only tie to the room was the woman sitting in the bed, anxious to get the ball rolling. Thinking she knew what to expect. Thinking she was tough enough. This is what she’d been preparing for, for years.

She sat in the bed with her sister, her husband and her mother-in-law. Feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. She had a plan. She rehearsed it until she knew it by heart. She couldn’t wait to meet her son Avery.

I sat with my thoughts running through my head. If anyone tries to do anything she doesn’t want done, I will be stepping in to make sure her delivery goes perfectly according to her plan and if anyone has an opinion on the matter, her husband would step in to protect his wife and unborn child.

She sat on the bouncing ball while the pitocin coursed through her veins. She breathed through the contractions and I seen her hands grasp her nightgown when they were too painful. She didn’t want to scream out. She didn’t want to be a sissy-la-la and say it was hurting.

I sat in a chair next to her, assisting in a silent way that only two sisters could. She embraced the familiar presence of someone who use to annoy her as a child. She accepted the comforting that only an older sister can give her younger sister.

She sat on the bouncing ball while I stepped out to get a bite to eat with her Mother-in-law. I told her, “think about an epidural. You’ll stop tensing up and you will progress quicker than only being 4 cm. Just think about it. I’ll be back in a few.”

I sat in the cafeteria patiently, waiting for my food to be small enough to swallow pass the lump in the throat. It hurt me to be away from my sister. I had only felt this feeling twice in my life and one of them was on the night our brother passed away. I wanted to go into that room of her’s and take away all her pain and just place that beautiful baby in her arms.

She sat on the bed while she got her epidural. Relaxing enough to let little Avery make his descent into his mother’s arms. After only 45 minutes, Beth was able to start pushing.

I sat out in the lobby with our dad. Anxiously listening to the speaker squawking different names to different floors. Randomly, a baby lullaby would play, letting everyone in the hospital hear that a baby was born. I knew Avery was almost here when Beth sent me a photo of her pushing, smiling giving two thumbs up. Moments later the lullaby played. I looked at our dad, tears in his eyes and streaming down my face. “He’s here dad.”

She sat in the bed holding her baby safely in her arms made just for him. The peace that was on her face shined like a bright sun over a breezy day in California. They were made for each other. I knew things would be hard at times, but I knew she’s got this. She’s Avery’s Mommy now.

photo (10)

I sat on the bed with my sister and my nephew and felt the lump in my throat disappear. I felt my heart soar with pride. My life was happy now. No more worrying, Avery made it safely home. No more stressing out over little things that could go wrong. My sister now holds her inspiration to make life memories, cherish the little moments and to hold her sweet baby next to her heart.

Sisterly Delivery

She was laying in her hospital bed with the lights out when the nurse came into her room and suggested that she put the baby in his bassinet and get some sleep. Being a first time mommy, she said, “Ok.” Once the nurse left, the pain plucked her heart strings that she’d have to let go of him; even if long enough to put him in the bassinet. Not wanting to be apart from him, she did what she always does.

I was laying in my guest bed at her house, when my text message alarm, “IT’S SO FLUFFY” screamed out so loud in my dark empty room disturbing my thoughts about wondering what my sister was doing at this very moment. That’s when I read, “are you asleep?” So I texted back, “Of course I wasn’t.”

She was on the other line telling me with a quiver in her voice, “they want me to sleep and put him in his bassinet…but I don’t want to Alena. I just want to hold him.” My heart ached and the lump was back in my throat again as the tear trailed its way down my cheek.

I layed there suppressing my aggressive sister rage towards the nurse and told my sister, “You’re his mom. You call the shots now. Lay on your side with your back to the door and place that baby in between you and a pillow on the edge of the bed. You won’t hurt that baby.” I felt the pride transfer from me into her in that moment through the phone.

We hung up.

I laid in the bed, trying to force myself asleep.

I wanted to go to the hospital and make sure Avery was in her arms.

That’s when, “IT’S SO FLUFFY” went off again.

She sent me a photo.



That’s when all three of us fell asleep.


4 thoughts on “Happiness IS Content

    1. The talking at the end was the inspiration for writing this whole post. The beginning and the middle were just to get to the “talking at the end”.

      I’m glad you liked it though.

    1. Awww thanks Vanessa. I love that you still read my blog. I know I’m not very consistent with posting but when the writing strikes, I write. I’m glad to know you still read me.

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