…and a boy became a man.


I sit here on a Wednesday afternoon thinking about the little boy who asked me a “very important question,” about 13 years ago on a humid southern day, if he could marry me and then proceeded to hand me a flower slash weed with roots and all. Kenny has always had such a loving heart. Sensitive to the tender things in life, but so proudly protected by a strong mind. It’s the humor that everyone gets to meet first though. His smile lights up his whole face and you soon find yourself laughing along, most won’t even know why they’re laughing, they just start laughing.

All I’ve ever wanted for him was to find strength within himself to achieve whatever his heart desires. I want him to see the world and to experience love with passion. I want him to work hard and be rewarded for a job well done. I want him to stand tall and have confidence. Above all this, I want him to have joy.


   He has so much to offer this world and he’s only just begun. I know this milestone of graduation and turning into an 18 year old adult is going to pass by and it’s going to feel like the book is closing to him. To me, I get to watch my baby spread his wings and fly. I have the confidence within my parenting to know he’s going to do great things. I have all the love a mother can give to set him free and the comforting arms to welcome him when he returns.


  He had his fair share of trials and tribulations to overcome and he’s plowed right through them. Sure some of them took a little bit longer than others but for the most part, he dusted off his knees and kept moving forward. He’s really morphed in front of me. I swear, I’ve been with him nearly every day of his life and I don’t remember where all the time went. It was like one minute he was sitting next to me on the front step telling me how fireflies glow at night and the next minute we are catapulted to him standing in front of me wearing a tux asking me, “How do I look?”


   I don’t feel cheated because I haven’t missed a single minute or milestone with him. I’ve sat on wooden bleachers listening to a cafeteria filled with prepubescent boys and girls squawking out troubled notes from various instruments. I’ve dropped him off at numerous sports games, school dances and sleepovers. (Yes, boys have sleepovers too) I’ve been the steady shoulder to cry on when people have hurt him and I’ve been the loud mouthed mother defending her son. Together we’ve made a great team. This young boy has turned into a man right before my eyes and I’ve had the pleasure of watching it all happen.


You have been my rock when I needed someone, you have been my comic relief when times were tough, but through it all I have never been more proud of you than I am today. I can’t wait to see where you take your life and I’m honored to be apart of it.

I love you son, always and forever!



2 thoughts on “…and a boy became a man.

  1. Aww where has all the time gone…that was awesome! Always nice to here proud parents! Tell him congrats from us! Cody Steve’s boy is graduating from fFoot Hill High on the 1st. Time flys just like the bible say…James 4:14
    who know not what is on the next day. What is your life? It is just a vapor, appearing for a little while, and then vanishing.such lpve.

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