Chester The Great

Bleeding Cool

I dedicate this song to Chester & everyone who loved him.

Yesterday while I was at work I came across Breaking News, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was found hanging at his home in California, ending the tormented life of a great artist. It hit me in the heart strings. I was shocked that a man with such incredible vocals and a wide range of talents would choose to end his life but it actually makes sense; if you listened.

2 wives, 6 kids, more than 15 legendary songs and millions of fans, couldn’t save him. This tells me one thing, his struggles were deeper than the ocean. He has shared his life story with all of us through interviews and more importantly through the songs that he bled on stage singing for us.

The squelching lyrics, the raspy vocals and the longing in his melodies begging us to hear his cries, to save him from his agony and demanded that we understand that he was losing the battle.

This got me to thinking about how his songs were playing during some painful times in my life. His songs helped ease the pain maybe even made things a little more bearable. The living people standing in front of me, couldn’t help; but Chester’s music did.

Depression, anxiety, childhood trauma are the things that nightmare are made from and they move you one step closer to things you’d never imagine yourself doing. Mental illness is the catalyst for a lot of self harm. The proverbial boogie-man if you will. Some often say it leaves you crawling in your own skin or worse making you emotionally numb. Chester knew this boogie-man very well. Self medicating, alcoholism, etc. In the end, it claimed another great artist. Breaking the habit is hard to do alone and Chester is yet another sad example.

Which goes to show the reason some of the best musicians become “The Best” or “The Greatest” is because they can transform their pain, anger, heartbreak, etc. into the most beautiful form that transcends space and time and lives on forever, never hurting another soul but helping ease the hurt; giving you perspective that you’re not alone.

Hold on to Chester, don’t let his suicide claim your opinion of a man who was tormented until his last breath. He’s no longer being tortured, he’s free of the nightmare. If you love him, leave out all the rest and hold onto the memories. Let the music touch your heart.



Suicide Hotline via Texting OR Phone

24/7 Crisis Hotline


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