Who Is Sheer Chaos?

Hello, My name is Alena Clark.


I’m a 37 year old full time working mom of 2 beautiful teenage children:

Kenny (17yr) Class Clown, Gamer and future Graphic Designer


and my Fun-loving, Awesome Cooking Partner and Future President of a large company with lots of little minions, daughter Aubry (12 yr).


I have a wonderful and smart medical assistant cousin/pretend daughter, Angelica or Angel for short.

…she’s accomplished and talented and not to mention, very pretty .


I’m the Aunty to world’s bestest-cutest-funniest nephew ever, Mr. Avery Grigsby.

(Hands off he’s mine)


And last but not least my wonderful boyfriend Jordan, without whom I’d be lost or injured or both.


I have a very busy and crazy life. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m commin or goin, but I do know, I’m learning life and sharing it with you.

I enjoy writing and I have been told that I have a way of describing thing’s so that the reader can truely understand and feel the emotion behind it. So without further ado, introducing, the daily life of a full time working blended family of, Sheer Chaos.

If you feel up to relaxing and feeding some fish, CLICK HERE.


5 thoughts on “Who Is Sheer Chaos?

  1. Alena, are you still looking for a blog buddy? My blog is at thewordstressblog.wordpress.com…it has really gone downhill and I need a buddy to help me feel like I’m not talking to myself! 🙂 Love what I see so far, so I’m going to read some more. Thanks! Pam

  2. Girlie…You know it’s exciting to get comments. It is. I always appreciate them. But the last comment you left really made me feel a little more real – like the Velveteen Rabbit – which my yoga teacher played in full as a book on cd for our yoga Christmas class 😉 I’m learninig from other writers out there, especially the ones who are kind enough to interact with me as you do. Thank you for undertsanding me, and for sharing your stories. XOXO

    1. This is a cruel cruel world and if you find your niche’ of people, by golly we got’s to band together or we are fixin to go under. I believe in your writting because it’s so heart felt and thorough. Confidence is key to anything in life. So with that I should be thanking you for sharing your inspiration and talent and allowing us weblanders to comment.

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